You’ve got two blogs out of me and don’t even know who I really am, so who is Lauren Goodrick-Meech? I’ve got 15 questions that will sum up just that.

Question 1: Am I named after anyone?  Surprisingly yes. My dad wanted to name me after the ex Arsenal player Laureano Bisan Etamé-Mayer, funny how I’m named after a footballer but can’t kick a ball straight. Ironic.

Question 2: Where did I grow up? I grew up in a small market town called Newbury, it’s located in the South East of England. It’s such a pretty town, a lot of scenery and wildlife also not far from where I live is a castle which is very picturesque.

Question 3: What are my best characteristics? hmmm I’d like to say that I’m,

  • Compassionate
  • Supportive
  • Funny
  • Respectful and
  • Genuine

Question 4: What are my favourite things about myself?

  • My jokes are bad but I’m sarcastically funny, so I guess that makes up for it.
  • Got to admit, I love my eyes.
  • I’m straightforward, most of the time I say what I think because life is too short to be faffing around.
  • I’m spontaneous, I could pack a bag and leave tomorrow and go to another country. (if I had the money hahaha)

Question 5: Which of your parents are you most like? This is such a hard question to answer but I’d say I think I’m more like my mum. I get my empathetic and level-headed side from my mum and then I get my impatient and quick tempered side from my dad.

Question 6: Who is my favourite actor and actress? Fuck, there’s so many that have a special place in my heart. I’d say my favourite actor is Jonah Hill, he is hilarious and such an amazing actor. I can’t purely pick one favourite actress so I’ll give you three.

  • Jennifer Aniston (she fucking dominates every part she’s ever had to play, what a woman).
  • Melissa McCarthy (one of the funniest women of this century, unbelievable actress and very comical. especially in The Heat).
  • Sandra Bullock (A M A Z I N G, that’s all I can say. No words will ever justify how good of an actress she is).

Question 7: What are my top five songs right now?

  • Don’t Call Me Up – Mabel
  • Wow. – Post Malone
  • Unfair – 6lack
  • Dip – Tyga (with Nicki Minaj)
  • Loaded Gun – 6lack

Question 8: What is my favourite quote?  “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Martin Luther King Jr

Question 9: Do I have any pets? I have a rabbit called Poppy May, my girlfriend and I got her last May. She’s so beautiful. When we got her she was only 4 weeks but now she’s huge, she’s got white fur with little brown patches on her and is quite stubborn. We did get another rabbit in July of last year she was called Chickpea due to her light brown fur, unfortunately a week after we got her she passed due to a health problem she had since birth.

Question 10: What is my star sign? I am a Cancer. Yes I am a sensitive and needy little bitch. Thank you, next.

Question 11: What is my favourite alcoholic beverage? I am a massive beer and lager girl, my favourite is definitely Corona or San Miguel. When I went to Tenerife last year I’m pretty sure I only drunk San Miguel the entire time, I can’t stand wine or any sweet cider.

Question 12: What is my favourite Television Series? Friends all the way. I could rewatch it 100 times and never get bored, it’s definitely one of the best tv shows ever made.

Question 13: Do I have a significant other? Lucky for me, I do. She’s called Bryoni and I’m honoured to be with such a supportive and caring person. Ahhhh.

Question 14: Where would be my dream place to visit? ITALY. FOR SURE. It’s always been my dream to go there as the scenery looks so beautiful. Another dream place is Amsterdam but I’m officially getting to go there on holiday for 3 days in March, ahhh exciting stuff!!

Question 15: If I could meet any one person dead or alive, who would it be? It would be Paul Walker, he left this world too early and I’d just want to sit with him so we can just talk about cars and life for a while. Was such an amazing actor.


Tell me an interesting fact about you?

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