In the next 5 or so years, I want to be in a much better place than I am now. It’s important to me that I have goals which make me want to thrive and do well in life and make the people in my life proud of me. I have a list of goals/ambitions that I want to reach before I’m 25, which are:

one: to be in a job that will be the start of my career, a job that I can thrive and succeed in where I’ll be doing something I enjoy everyday. I want to be earning a decent amount of money to be able to save for a mortgage etc.

two: *fingers crossed* for me and bryoni to have moved out of my parents house. we’ve already started saving to private rent an apartment, but we want to make sure that we can afford it. you all know how expensive renting and owning a house is nowadays, it angers me how much it costs but a determined mind will help you get anything you want.

three: to travel and visit more countries within Europe, I love going to different countries and experiencing how they live life. I’ve mentioned it in a previous blog but I really want to visit Italy, the country is so beautiful and I adore italian food. I’m going to Amsterdam next month, I’ve never been before but I’m hoping it lives up to my expectations!!:).

four: to have a kid, if we could afford it my girlfriend and I would probably already have one. being the responsible adults we are, we are waiting until we are financially stable before we jump into anything. Although it has been in the talks, we’ve already planned that she wants to go through the pain!! haha.

five: to have more people reading my blogs, I’d love to have a good following as I enjoy writing so much. It would be amazing if I had an audience that reacts to my blogs and wants more.

six: after terribly failing at German in school, I want to teach myself a new language. Possibly continue with german or spanish, I just feel like it’s so handy when going to different countries as they make such an effort to speak our language so the least we could do is attempt to speak theirs.

those are definitely my main goals for the next five years, I have so many more in mind but I didn’t want to bore you all!

what’s one of your main goals/ambitions?

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