vintage style

I never thought I could possibly adore someone as much as I do you, you dance around my mind from the morning to the night. You never occupy the whole space, and that’s what gives me the rush. It’ll be the little things during the day that make me think of you, I’ll hang onto that for a few minutes and then get butterflies knowing that I get to come home to you.

Both young but both so infatuated by each others existence, we could drive around for hours on end and never get the slightest bit bored. You draw me in with that fragile mind of yours, I just want to protect you from all the bad and allow you to see all the good that I hope I’ve let you experience.

I’ve always known deep down that you’re the one I want to wake up with at 6.45 everyday, the one I want to watch murder documentaries with until we fall asleep in each others arms. That’s why it wasn’t difficult for me to invest in something that will symbolise my love towards you, a promise that one day it won’t be a dream anymore.

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