engaged, moving out & uni assignments

I’ve become really lazy with writing blogs recently, I guess it’s because I’ve had so much going on that I never get the time to sit down and let everything out. I miss this, I miss the connection I have with writing.

Currently I’m trying to struggle full time work, uni and freelance work for a business. As you can imagine, it’s not easy and it becomes very tiring for my little head. Regarding my uni work, it’s going as great as can be, I’ve handed in two assignments for both my modules and only the other day got my score and feedback on both, I was pleasantly surprised with how well I did considering it’s the first time I’ve studied since leaving school in 2016. I managed to get 90% on my design thinking module and 76/100 on my business management module, I still have things to work on but overall a good start.

Aside from work & uni which are keeping me very busy, bryoni and I are moving out on the 25th November which we are both looking forward to! Unfortunately not into our own place just yet, but at least we’ll be living together and not separately which we’ve been doing since April. This isn’t going to be a long term situation, we are hoping to save up and move into our place as soon as we are in the position to.

The day we found out we’d secured a place to move into was also the day we ended up getting engaged, I can not describe how overwhelming it was to be able to put a ring on the girls finger. To know that one day I’ll be able to watch her walk down the aisle and make all these promises with her, it felt like the right time to make this commitment. Considering I’m only nineteen, I know a lot of people will be thinking it’s way too young to be making such a big statement to someone. To all of those people I just to say, there are people who get engaged and married when they are 27 and still end up separating! If you know then you know.

I want to get back into my writing, I’ve got really bad writers block at the moment and I feel like anything I write I find isn’t good enough. If any other bloggers can give me suggestions to find a muse, I’d be so grateful.

L x

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