moving in. part two.

It’ll be a week tomorrow since my partner and I got the keys to our very own flat, it would be the biggest lie if I told you it was stress free and that nothing went wrong in the slightest. As soon as we got the keys we went to get all the paint and bits and bobs to clean the walls, basically all the necessities that end up costing your months rent. After that we drove to the flat and got started, the flat wasn’t in the best of shape and needed a lot of tlc done to it..

We spent the whole day painting and glossing everywhere, to then do the second and then third coats and by that time my arm was numb and aching. Fast forward two days and we finished the bedroom, living room and kitchen. We had all of the appliances delivered and they were untouched until the Sunday, we decide “let’s put a wash on with our new washing machine” and then we realised that the washing machine wasn’t draining any water at the end of the cycle so long story short. We ended up having to open the washing machine door and let the water flood our kitchen. Great start to a new move. We have someone coming out today to look at it, fingers crossed they can fix it.

To end on a good note, we’ve paid for the carpets to be put down and we’ve got the majority of our belongings in. It’s very strange to call it home but it’s starting to feel like it.

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