uni & full time work

A lot has changed since I last wrote a blog, in all honesty I’ve been writing and just not posting them. oops. I’ve got to a point in my life where I never thought I’d reach, mentally happy. I don’t want to jinx it but I couldn’t fault anything that is happening within my existence, […]

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new job, new chapter

Over the past few months I’ve constantly been improving myself, if you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll see that I started off with so much anxiety and although it’s not curable and it never just goes completely. I’ve got it under control, and I no longer let it hold me back from reaching my potential. […]

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To whoever needs to hear this

Life isn’t easy, don’t stress if you’re struggling in a certain part of it. Everything is a journey, some things have longer commute times to others. If you haven’t landed your dream job, moved out, passed an exam. Do not put yourself down or compare yourself to others around you, everyone’s journey in life is […]

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turning nineteen

Twelve days from today will be my nineteenth birthday, I remember how excited I was to turn eighteen only to then realise how much more responsibility you’re given. I definitely was not prepared, it doesn’t even feel a year since I became legal to do all the stuff I already did before. The only change […]

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struggling with body confidence

I’ve never been the sort person who was happy about their body, I always looked at friends or people on social media and compared myself. I would get into my head how much I wanted to be like them, constantly putting myself down because I didn’t have a flat stomach or a thigh gap. Over […]

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life is looking up

After so many years of struggling with mental health, feeling trapped and unwelcome in my own mind. I’m finally at peace with myself. I could break down at how happy I am, I’m free. Even the odd bad days, I pick myself back up and make my mark on this world. You didn’t win, you’ll […]

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Being successful has a different perspective to everyone, we don’t all become successful at the same time of our lives or at the same things. Some people may find they’ve become successful when passing an exam or when they have demolished a huge slice of cake, we may look at things that others think is […]